Cobound Clothing Co.

co(collective) + bound(movement forward)

Cobound Clothing Co.

co (collective) + bound (movement forward)

Hi, we are honored you are here.

Like many of you, we were born in the ’80s (specifically 1982). We grew up attending New Found Glory concerts, skateboarding after school, surfing in the afternoon, snowboarding during the winter, playing sports, and just being cool.

We believe this was the greatest generation of all time.

We are now in the next stage of our lives, but we are still way cool and have a lot of fun ahead. We are now getting back into the things that we once loved, this time with our children. We are the generation that is taking our kids to pop-punk concerts, teaching our kids to shred on the halfpipe, and coaching their baseball and soccer teams. 

The Cobound Mission

It is our mission to help kids play youth sport.

Growing up we played a lot of youth sports. From baseball, soccer, basketball, skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding this was our life. Through sports, we learned discipline, teamwork, friendship, work ethic, and so much more. It is our belief that these skills helped us develop the skills needed to succeed as adults. Participation in sports makes people better. We want to help everyone have the opportunity to participate.  

Research shows, there is a 30% participation gap between children of lower and higher-income families. We need to fix this.

By selling T-shirts we are able to help kids get involved in youth sports. We donate 50% of our profit to organizations that need assistance with equipment, registration fees, facility repairs, or travel. 

Our goal is to give every kid the same opportunity to shred the halfpipe, hit a home run, score a goal, or hit the slopes. 

Join us on our mission. 

Our History

  • August 2019

    Brand Launch

    The official launch Cobound Clothing Co.

  • September 2019

    Getting Things Going

    Things are starting to move around here. Progress has been made, plan have been set, and it is go time. 

    Read the entire report here.