September 2019 Report

My Dudes and Dudettes,

Every month I think it is important to let you know exactly where Cobound is going and how we are getting here. I mean that is what a collective movement is all about. So, each month I will be doing a quick write up to give you a behind the scenes look at the business.

The month of September has been full of creating new designs and putting together the strategy to launch the brand.

During this time, we have debated about how to monetize the website and generate funds to help kids play sports. We wnt back and fourth about t-shirts being the right way to promote the brand and do good for the world. We have gone back and forth about the right stagey to bring in customers.

Do we continue to create content for the blog? Is social media our creative outlet? How do we source more creative talent to create great looking designs? Needless to say, some of the decisions that we need to make are still up in the air.

The one constant around this endeavor is the fact that our goal is the same. We want to help kids play sports. We believe that this is key to the long-term success of kids. The lesson that we learn while playing sports will help us in the long term.

So, as we continue to build content and promote the brand for the 30 somethings that still know how to have a good time, we will keep you up to date with our progress. I think this is important.

Here are the goals:

Generate 5,000 unique monthly visits to our website
September Unique Visitors: 155

Use Instagram to build a following of 10,000 followers
September Instagram followers: 125

Generate $10,000 in profit.
September profit: $0

To make these goals, I want to make sure that we are tracking expenses, revenue, and whatever else we do for the business. This will give a clear understanding of how things are going. Maybe this is too much info, but that is okay. Transparency is key.


  • Google Ads: $100
  • Facebook Ads: $100
  • Creative: Purchase of Graphics: $199

Goals for October

While I was working at a retail giant in Phoenix, October was one of the most important months of the year. The planning for “holiday” was over. It was now time to start amplifying the execution for the most profitable time in the business. That’s right, the next few months were make or break time.

Typically, the goal would be to start promoting, discounting and trying to sell as much as possible. However, in the second month of business, things are a little different. So, here are the goals for this month.

Create 4 new blog posts

This month, I think it is important to look at work-life balance. So, as an ex-entrepreneur and recovering workaholic, we are going to look at a few topics that might go against the norm, or what the mainstream business folks are saying.

We need to find purpose in our work, ways to make an impact, and most importantly happiness in our life.

So, as the busy holiday season approaches, we are going to look at some of these topics and I will give you my two cents.

Update Social Media Daily

I know how important social media is to the growth of a company. I also know that I lack the time or focus to become an “influencer”. So, this changes this month. Everything I do, I am going to try and remember to post on social media.

On top of posting more to social media, I am going to make sure that were put out one post per day on Cobound that is encouraging, thought-provoking, or entertaining.

I know some of you are probably thinking, hire someone. Well, here is the reality. I need to learn this stuff. So here I go. Time to jump in. Wish me luck.

Continue to invest in advertising

To me, advertising is a must. I am going to keep placing funds into the advertising bucket. Google PPC and Social adverting is going to be my best friends. Yes, the budget is small, but there is only one way to grow the budget, increase sales.

If I can do these items, I hope that collectively we can raise $200 for youth sports. We will make donations through

Here is to cooler weather, great times, and Halloween.